Face Oil for Sensitive Skin

The gentler way to brighter skin.  An exceptionally delicate evening moisturiser that nourishes gently, leaving skin exquisitely soft and refreshed. The carefully crafted blend of natural oils soothes and moisturises for bright, happy skin.

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Apply only 2 or 3 drops of oil to your face at night after cleansing. Gently massage the oil into you skin in a circular motion. Argan Oil will be easily absorbed, leaving your skin feeling soft and replenished. Echoing a soft summer’s day, subtle floral notes of Rose Blossom carry the warmer, woody aromas of Sandalwood and Immortelle.

Ingredients: Organic Argan Oil, Essential oils – Sandalwood, Rose and Immortelle.

All natural goodness

Organic Argan Oil – our favourite ingredient is ideal for sensitive skin because of its unique composition. Containing squalene, it penetrates deeper and more readily than most oils because it’s compatible with the skin’s own natural oil. The sterols in Argan Oil also penetrate easily, enabling the essential fatty acids to be more readily absorbed. These protect the skin’s cell membranes and help prevent moisture loss. By helping form a protective barrier, Argan Oil reduces water loss through the skin, to maintain a natural balance of optimal moisture. Vitamin E, plant sterols and essential fatty acids all work towards improving the skin’s overall health and youthful appearance and are known to help with the natural healing of some skin conditions. Because it absorbs so easily, Argan Oil won’t block pores.

Sandalwood – soothing, cooling and moisturising, this hugely nourishing oil has additional balancing and antibacterial properties.

Rose – great for all skin types, Rose oil is well-known for rehydrating, softening and moisturising skin – a must for dry skin,

Immortelle – greatly helps skin regeneration and has antimicrobial properties to calm inflamed skin.

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Although provided by nature, essential oils are still highly concentrated ingredients so some people may experience an allergic reaction. Before applying any product with essential oils test a small amount of the product on a small patch of skin and leave for an hour. If irritation or redness occurs, bathe with cold water and discontinue use. Argan Night-time Face Oil is not intended for wear during the day but as a night-time moisturiser. Do not apply Argan Night-time Face Oil to skin immediately before exposure to direct sunlight. The Argan Spa products are designed for external use only. The Argan Spa products are not for sale in The United States of America, Canada or their territories.